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This is the program you wish your mom had when you were growing up.

Helping your daughter learn to love her body is not just about telling her she’s beautiful.


In order for her to truly believe what you are telling her, it is ESSENTIAL that she sees you having a positive body image as well.


This is exactly what you will gain in the program Healing with Her.

By the end of this program, you will learn how to manage your breath and use positive affirmations so that you can break the cycle of diet culture and help your daughter learn that all bodies are beautiful.


Together, we will cover the basics of meditation and journaling so that you can learn to love your body and stop the endless cycle of dieting.


You will learn how to move your body mindfully and feel more comfortable in your own skin so that you can be more present when you are making memories with your family.

Best Value

Healing For Her



Learn how to love your body (so your daughter will love hers too).

Valid for 12 months

4-week live group program

weekly virtual yoga class for moms

weekly body image for moms to do with their daughters

weekly journal prompts

weekly guided meditations

positive affirmation cards to download and keep forever

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