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If you're looking to start yoga for the first time or are returning to your mat after some time away, this is the series for you! 

You will receive access to 4 guided meditations and 4 yoga classes that will teach you the foundations of yoga postures, including all the different ways to use props to make poses feel better in your body. 

All of the classes in this series are designed to be body positive, inclusive and accessible to people of all shapes, sizes and levels. 

This program is for you if...

  • you want to learn the basics of yoga without the pressure of being in a studio filled with young, thin, flexible women in their designer yoga wear

  • you want to learn from a body positive teacher who knows what it's like to feel like a pose just doesn't work for your body

  • you want to feel more confident in yourself both on and off the mat

  • you want to learn to love and accept your body, instead of punishing it with diets and workouts you don't enjoy

In just 4 weeks (or less), you can go from unsure beginner to confident yoga bad-ass 😉

What are you waiting for?



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