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What is it?

Healing for Her is a 4 week live group program for moms to improve their body image so they can help their daughters see the beauty in their own body. Helping your daughter learn to love her body is not just about telling her she’s beautiful. In order for her to truly believe what you are telling her, it is ESSENTIAL that she sees you having a positive body image as well. This is exactly what you will gain in the program Healing with Her.

Who is it for?

This program is designed for women who are wanting to improve their body image so they can break the generational cycle of diet culture. This was created with moms in mind, but would also be beneficial for teachers and those who work with children. 

what is included?

- weekly virtual yoga class designed to be body positive and accessible to all shapes, sizes and levels

- weekly guided meditations to cultivate stillness and self-love

- weekly journal prompts to help you unpack and challenge your beliefs

- weekly activity suggestions that you and your daughter can do together to strengthen your relationship and cultivate body acceptance for both of you

- positive affirmation cards to download and keep forever

- access to an exclusive community where you can share your experiences, your successes and your challenges without fear of judgment

how much is it?

The final price for this program will be $197 (CAD), but VIPs who join from the waitlist will get a discount AND a special bonus made just for you.

Even without a discount, that works out to less than $50/week, which is a small price to pay for a lifetime of confidence and freedom from body image issues, don't ya think? 😉

Sound like what you need?

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